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  • A History of Leelanau Township

  • Michigan One-Room Schoolhouses

  • Confessions of a Maverick Minister

  • Swift as a Vanishing Dream

  • Superships of the Great Lakes

  • Northport Point

  • Ghost Towns of Michigan Vol. 1

  • Ghost Towns of Michigan Vol. 2

  • Ghost Towns of Michigan Vol. 3

  • Michigan Ghost Towns

  • Haunted Lakes

  • Grand Traverse The Civil War Era

  • Deep Woods Frontier

  • Michigan Place Names

  • As the Twig is Bent

  • Great Lakes Indians

  • The 100 Best Great Lakes Shipwrecks

  • Assassination of a Michigan King

  • Bernida- A True That Can't Be True

  • Women and the Lakes

  • Samaritan Adventurer

  • Strange Adventures of the Great Lakes

  • Tales of Michigan

  • Tales of Michigan II

  • Pig Boats and River Hogs

  • The Romance of Michigan's Past

  • Michigan Sport's Trivia

  • Two-Tracks To Michigan's Past

  • Voyages to Michigan's Past

  • Fishtown

  • Historic Leelanau Photographs

  • The Northport Area- The Way We Were

  • Echoes

  • Re-Echoes

  • A Hundred Summers

  • Superstitions of the Sea

  • Vintage Views Along Scenic M22 Including Sleeping Bear Dunes

  • Michigan

  • Great Lakes Lighthouses

  • Grand Traverse Lighthouses

  • For the Birds Crosswords

  • Michigan Crosswords

  • Tom's Guide to Companion Herbs

  • A Place Called Home

  • One Starry Night

  • The Christmas Tree Ship

  • My Summer at the Lighthouse

  • Final Passage- True Shipwreck Adventures

  • Little Girl Winnifred

  • Flight of Megizzewas

  • Prehistoric Great Lakes

  • Our Cherry Tree

  • Where is Bobbi?

  • Gallivanting Granny

  • Log Cabin Tales of Leelanau

  • Mail by the Pail

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