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Thanks to Our Members and Donors

At this time our organization has approximately 100 active members. We are grateful for the
support of these generous members who have allowed us to continue our mission while our
doors have been closed to the public. There have also been some benevolent individual donations given to NAHA. One such donor made it possible to repair our player piano so we can enjoy its music once more. Thanks to all of you who help us preserve our community heritage.

To donate to our museum and heritage association, please click the button below, which will escort you to our Square Donation page, where you'll be able to fill in the donation amount. You may also include whether you'd like your donation to be dedicated to someone.


If you would like to donate in any other way we encourage you to contact us HERE.


Our community is key to this museum's success and we hope to continue to make it the best it can be. Thank you! 

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